The Local History Collection, which is open to the general public, was established in Csólyospálos in
2011, presenting the history of the settlement through documents, photographs and objects evoking

old memories. The exhibition consists of three parts: a permanent exhibition and a temporary
exhibition, as well as an open-air exhibition where larger objects and machines are presented.
The archaeological finds in the town testify that there were smaller and larger settlements in the
area of Csólyospálos thousands of years ago. The ornate pieces of the exhibition include: thorns, pot
fragments, spindles, arrowheads, stone axes, spearheads, but you can also see the surviving means
of meadow limestone mining that used to be typical of its surroundings. Visitors can gain insight into
records of church holidays in old textbooks, and you can also find a chalkboard and inkwell there. The
characteristic objects and tools of contemporary agriculture and animal husbandry are also
presented in the local history collection.

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Csólyospálos, Korona u. 1.